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After analysing all loudspeaker brands available on the global market we found a number of shortcomings and approach errors. None of the designs, however well, showed all the answers, even within affordable costs.   We are able to prove we found the right answers.  Creating again a new brand, this time we combined German ingenuity with the latest understanding of FIR filtering and use of specific drivers, physical enclosure construction and taste.  Add to that the desire to reduce max SPL to protect audiences hearing.  Governments are striving for implementing legislation limiting the FOH sound pressure level.  The question remained, do we need 150 dB sound pressure level to reach the so called quality and satisfaction expected. Today Westlab’ s,  accurate control over sound wave dispersion, throw, distortion, SPL  and sound quality in general offers a new way of loudspeaker design, speaker production as well as control over sound qualities- and sound wave radiation. With Westlab you do not need to be a scientifically educated sound engineer to reach the top qualities desired.   All the phrases in the book of Marketing look the same, life experiences often prove different.  This new way, however, is not again another new marketing story, prove yourself what we state here is absolutely true, an attempt to get acquainted  is definitely worth it.